Update 22 - Multi Language is available!

Added a new MULTI LANGUAGE system on the server! - To change your game to the English language press ALT + O, go to the interface and you will have the option to change the language Added Source to Client

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Update 015 - Dungeon and Box System

Added a Dungeon - It works like this, you will get a quest from NPC Ishtal in luna. You will go to Luna Temple p6, talking to the NPC est. You will have 30 minutes to stay inside the map, after which you will be removed from the map. The map contains only bosses, very hard to kill alone, so form a team, on the map drops only Boxes.

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Update 013 - Event Point Store and Weapon and Shield Visual

Added Event Point's Store, Weapon and Shield Visual and more.

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Update 012 - Item Collector

Added item collector skill, masks / weapons / shields / jewels craft correction, and changed clan level up.

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Update 011 - Offline Vending and Clan Skills

Added offline-vend system and clan skills to increase Drop and Exp.
New exclusive map for clans, and more!

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Welcome to Amethyst Rose Online, Rose Online's newest international server.

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